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Mamy wielką przyjemność ogłosić datę premiery najnowszego dodatku do Euro Truck Simulator 2, który zatytułowany został Vive la France! – ukaże się on 5 grudnia 2016 roku. Tytuł ten, podobnie jak poprzednie odsłony serii stworzony został przez czeskie studio SCS Software. Natomiast wydawcą gier z serii Euro Truck Simulator na terenie Polski, Czech, Słowacji, Węgier i Francji jest firma IMGN.PRO z Bielska-Białej. Za dystrybucję wersji pudełkowej w naszym kraju odpowiada Pre-order Euro Truck Simulator 2: Vive la France! rusza […]

Euro Truck Simulator 2: Vive la France! – Premiera już ...

We are really proud to announce cooperation with the next wonderful Polish game development studio – Sleepless Clinic. Within the framework of our cooperation we are going to be a worldwide publisher of their upcoming project called SYMMETRY – 2D, time management game, with thriller/sci-fi elements. SYMMETRY is set on desolate, outlandish and frozen planet. You will be responsible for survival of a group of castaways, scientists, who were attracted to the planet by mysterious signal. Your goal will be […]

IMGN.PRO becomes a global publisher of SYMMETRY for PC and ...

Pierwszy na świecie pokaz najnowszego dodatku do Euro Truck Simulator 2 – tylko na stoisku IMGN.PRO na Poznań Game Arena! Szykujemy ogromną niespodziankę dla wszystkich fanów bestsellerowego Euro Truck Simulator 2, już w dniach 21 – 23.10.2016 będziecie mieli okazję samodzielnie sprawdzić nadchodzący wielkimi krokami, najnowszy dodatek do tej kultowej gry. Euro Truck Simulator 2: Vive La France! udostępnimy na dwóch specjalnie przygotowanych siedziskach, wyposażonych w kierownice Logitech G27, fotele dostarczyła firma Playseat ( Będzie to pierwszy na świecie, publiczny […]

Pierwszy na świecie pokaz Euro Truck Simulator: 2 Vive La ...

IMGN.PRO is pleased to announce cooperation with Telepaths Tree – developer of the upcoming FPS game „Inner Chains”. Polish company will provide publishing services for the title, including digital & retail worldwide distribution and localization. IMGN.PRO will also take care of porting Inner Chains to consoles, what will result in PS4 and XONE versions of the game. Add „Inner Chains” to your Steam Wishlist: „Inner Chains” is a successfully funded on Kickstarter FPS horror game set in a surreal, […]

IMGN.PRO becomes a global publisher of FPS horror Inner Chains, ...

IMGN.PRO is pleased to unveil a new project joining its line-up – 2.5D platformer Bruce. Orignally announced in 2012 by a Polish developer Tabasco Interactive as Bruce: The Game, it was suspended until further notice. IMGN.PRO has joined its forces with a Danish developer Logic Artists to bring this project back to life. Setting of the game is inspired by „Sin City” and other film-noir classics. It has comic book style graphic design, reffering to Art Deco and Art Nuveau. […]

IMGN.PRO and Logic Artists presents Bruce!

We’re excited to announce the PS4 box version of Kholat has its release on European markets in July! This is the next step after releasing Kholat in the European and American Playstation Store. The box has already been released in: France Benelux Poland Italy Spain In the next few weeks, box version will be available in the UK. Order now!|cgn:1395061898|kw:0&t=5823745&sort=0&filter=10,226249 Watch the Kholat PS4 Release Trailer here:  

Kholat PS4 box edition!

Hi everyone!   We are more than happy to announce we’re meeting up with players at the greatest gaming convention on the Eastern Seaboard – PAX EAST Boston 2016.   We’ll be presenting the games we’re working on and the ones we’re publishing. In cooperation with our technology partner, XOTIC (, we will present our newest game for the first time ever – an isometric RPG with a thief playing the main role, titled SEVEN: The Days Long Gone. Additionally, […]


MuHa Games together with IMGN.PRO are proud to announce that Thea: The Awakening Gold Edition will hit the store shelves on April 22nd 2016.   The special boxed edition of the game will contain DRM-free version of the award winning game, together with The Return of the Giants DLC. In the new add-on The Giants return to Thea and wreak havoc, threatening to destroy everything you built so far! The game has been localized to four languages, including German, French, […]

Thea: The Awakening Gold Edition will hit the store shelves ...

We’re excited to announce that today PS4 version of Kholat has its global PSN release! Porting Kholat to the latest iteration of the PlayStation console took us more than 3 months of work together with the BlitWorks team ( Kholat is one of the first titles that utilize the recently unlocked 7th core of the PS4. Simultaneously with the PS4 premiere we have released a patch improving the game performance and fixing minor graphic bugs which reviewers might approach. Kholat […]

Kholat for PS4 is out now!

We’re excited to announce that PS4 version of Kholat will be available for pre-order on Thursday, March 3rd, through the European PlayStation Store. Kholat product card in PlayStation Store:!/cid=EP1546-CUSA04252_00-KHOLATBUNDLE0000 The game will have its scheduled global release on March 8th. PS4 version of Kholat is currently available for 19.99€, with 10% pre-order discount. Pre-orders are available through PlayStation Store for all European countries. Kholat will have its global digital release on March 8th 2016.

Kholat PS4 European pre-orders launch today

SUPERHOT premiers today and it’s going to be available on PC (Win/ Mac/ Linux) via digital and retail distribution. Blurring the lines between cautious strategy and unbridled mayhem, SUPERHOT is the FPS in which time moves only when you move. No regenerating health bars. No conveniently placed ammo drops. It’s just you, outnumbered and outgunned, grabbing the weapons of fallen enemies to shoot, slice, and maneuver through a hurricane of slow-motion bullets. From its origins in the 7 Day FPS game […]

SUPERHOT premieres today!

We’re excited to announce that Kholat is finally coming to PS4! The most terrifying journey of your life will have its PSN release on March 8th 2016. Watch the Kholat PS4 Official Trailer here:   The date of this announcement is not accidental – today marks exactly 57 years since infamous Dyatlov Pass Incident, which served as our main inspiration during the creation of Kholat. It was the event that took the lives of 9 Russian students, hiking the Ural […]

Kholat goes to PS4!

IMGN.PRO + SUPERHOT = SUPER HOT BOX EDITION IMGN.PRO has become the global publisher of SUPERHOT boxed edition. The most anticipated shooter of 2016 will have its release date on February 25th, coming to PC (Win/Mac/Linux) via retailers and digital distributors, with a future release on Xbox One. Hi folks! Here, at IMGN.PRO we are SUPER excited that finally, we can officially let you know we have become the global publisher of SUPERHOT boxed edition. Yeah, we are the guys […]


Już dzisiaj, 11 stycznia 2016, startuje oficjalny pre-order nadchodzącej gry American Truck Simulator. Tytuł ma swoją premierę 3 lutego, ale zamówienia można składać już teraz, za pośrednictwem specjalnie przygotowanej strony, agregującej największe z oferujących ją sklepów:   American Truck Simulator ukaże się w Polsce w wydaniu pudełkowym oraz cyfrowym, a także jako limitowana edycja kolekcjonerska. IMGN.PRO wraz z Techland przygotowało dla rodzimych graczy nie lada niespodziankę – kupując grę otrzymają oni gwarantowany, bezpłatny dostęp do dwóch nadchodzących DLC: Arizona oraz […]

Ruszył pre-order American Truck Simulator