IMGN.PRO becomes a global publisher of FPS horror Inner Chains, developed by Telepaths Tree studio

IMGN.PRO is pleased to announce cooperation with Telepaths Tree – developer of the upcoming FPS game „Inner Chains”. Polish company will provide publishing services for the title, including digital & retail worldwide distribution and localization. IMGN.PRO will also take care of porting Inner Chains to consoles, what will result in PS4 and XONE versions of the game.

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„Inner Chains” is a successfully funded on Kickstarter FPS horror game set in a surreal, dark, and deadly biomechanical world that resembles nothing you have ever encountered. In the world of Inner Chains, you don’t get to set the rules. You are just a small part of a hostile, unwelcoming universe. If you want to survive, the only thing you can do is to try to discover its secrets.

Release date: Q1 2017, platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One.

Łukasz Kubiak, IMGN.PRO„It was a love at a first sight when we found out about the debut title of guys from Telepaths Tree. Imagine a dark world where HR Giger meets Zdzisław Beksiński, add a grim, dualistic story and AAA graphics to it – that’s what Inner Chains is. To be successful as a publisher nowadays you need to be excited about the games in your portfolio, and let me let you into a secret – today I’m excited as never before!”

Tomasz Strzalkowski, Telepaths Tree„We are very excited about cooperation with IMGN.PRO. It’s a great chance for our studio to give players extended and polished game. Now we are able to show our real potential.  I’m also glad that we can finally announce PS4 and Xbox One version, I’m sure it’s something that many console players were waiting for.”

Below you’ll find the list of latest improvements and updates which are currently being implemented to Inner Chains:

  • More differentiated environment with improved interaction
  • More advanced flora – more interactive plants, both hostile and friendly
  • Additional elements encouraging to explore the world of Inner Chains and its history
  • Additional enemy types
  • New mechanics of weapon-upgrade system
  • Additional gameplay mechanics improving combat tactics
  • General game mechanics improvement (especially combat)
  • More detailed locations

“Inner Chains” main features:

  • Unprecedented methods of interaction between weapons, their users, and the environment.
  • A dark biomechanical world where both fauna and flora lie in wait for your slightest stumble.
  • VR Support.
  • Stunning surreal visual style.
  • Deadly, intelligent, and challenging opponents.
  • Unusual locations with their own unique stories.
  • A dense, suggestive atmosphere of terror, magnified by the great soundtrack composed by Michal Staczkun.
  • Subtle thriller elements that will fill you with fear in unusual, inventive ways.
  • Thrilling action combined with an interesting, hair-raising story.