Seven: Enhanced Edition is coming soon

Hello Thieves,


We know that you’re excited to dive into the new story behind Drowned Past extension. We are happy to announce that the extension is going to be available from March 26th 2019.

However, it’s not just going to be a release of an add-on. Instead, we are going to launch the brand new version of our game Seven: Enhanced Edition that includes Drowned Past. Anyone who already owns Seven: The Days Long Gone will be able to upgrade the game to the new edition on the launch day for free. If you have friends who own PS4, tell them that on March 26th 2019, Seven: Enhanced Edition will be released on their platform too!


What will the extension itself contain? In Drowned Past, the player will run into the Enclave, a ragtag group of mysterious vagabonds who have discovered the mythological sunken vessel and are exploring it in the hopes of unearthing riches. But things that are buried are buried for a good reason, as Teriel and the Enclave will discover. With that, the original game will get an array of new opponents, weapons, outfits, crafting schematics and skills.


With the expansion, we are bringing plenty of fixes to problems you’ve reported too. Thus, if you have encountered any bug, please wait for the new version of Seven where your issue should be sorted out.


Before we sign off, we wanted to thank you for any feedback you left in the discussion boards or in your reviews. Of course, kind words always warm our hearts but the detailed constructive feedback is always very much welcome as well. Thanks to that, we can work on a game you want to play, and we can be proud of. Thanks a million for every conversation we’ve had over this past year and we are looking forward to staying in touch with you even more.


Talk to you soon!