Independents stick together! IMGN.PRO cooperates with Crunching Koalas

IMGN.PRO is pleased to announce a collaboration with independent game developer straight from Poland, the company named Crunching Koalas.
IMGN will develop a distribution network for the first project of the Warsaw based studio, phenomenal game MouseCraft, a blend of well-known games: Tetris and Lemmings.

„Cooperation with Crunching Koalas is a very important event, it is really our first major step towards fulfilling the plan that we created in the last months. It aims to create a safe space for independent developers in Poland. We are also a totally independent company, so we know how hard it is to find a right place in the market, or reliable partner and not to get lost in the intricacies of publishing contracts. That is why we want to share our knowledge and facilitate start-up for another dev teams”. Said Bartosz Moskala, co-owner of IMGN.PRO.

Tom Tomaszewski, co-founder of Crunching Koalas adds : „We decided to cooperate with IMGN.PRO because they’ve convinced us to their vision of development of the indie scene in Poland. We want to be the part of this project. Furthermore we are more than happy to use their knowledge, support and experience in matters relating to the distribution of MouseCraft„.

Crunching Koalas is an independent development studio founded by three game creators Tom Tomaszewski, Luke Juszczyk, Kris Lesiecki and industry veterans of casual games Konrad Olesiewicz and Maciej Biedrzyński – founders of Codeminion and makers of games such as Ancient Quest of Saqqarah and Phantasmat.

IMGN.PRO is one of the most dynamically growing Polish companies in the games industry, aspiring to expand into global markets – as a publisher, game developer, and business consultant for independent devs.