IMGN.PRO releases second gaming world „Bubble Gum Wars” in cooperation with Korean NAVER Z on UGC Metaverse Platform „ZEPETO”

In the second project realized with South Korean company NAVER Z, our team has developed exclusively for the ZEPETO metaverse platform a casual action-shooter game „Bubble Gum Wars”! With over 300 million users, ZEPETO is at the forefront of the metaverse revolution and we are proud to be a continuous part of this transformative journey.

About „Bubble Gum Wars”

„Bubble Gum Wars” represents a step forward in our ongoing commitment to deliver innovative gaming experiences. In this bubble-gum-weapons-powered shooter game, players are immersed in a casual, fun and joyful shooting experience for groups of up to 6 users! The game has launched on 7th February and is currently trending with over 95% positive scores.

Collaboration with Naver Z and the ZEPETO Platform

Our partnership with Naver Z, alongside the integration into the multifaceted ZEPETO metaverse and user-generated content (UGC) platform, stands as a remarkable testament to the creative synergy of both companies. With ZEPETO popularity, this collaboration takes on a profound significance. Together, our two innovative companies have harnessed their unique strengths to breathe life into „Bubble Gum Wars” within the metaverse, delivering players a fresh set of immersive experiences.

Check it out in the release trailer for the game and jump in the Bubble Gum fun!