IMGN.PRO becomes a global publisher of KartKraft

IMGN.PRO is getting back to its best traditions of publishing extraordinary and top class simulation games! After well-received and bestselling titles like: Spintires, Euro Truck Simulator 2 series or American Truck Simulator we are more than happy to welcome Black Delta studio with KartKraft among the best of the best!

KartKraft is an intense, hyper realistic kart racing game with real kart physics, laser scanned circuits, and a never-before-seen racing sandbox mode. KartKraft lets players race karts capable of accelerating from 0-100km/h in 3 seconds, with triple the cornering forces of a road car. Players can customize their avatar, kart and team with products from FREEM, Alpinestars, CRG, IAME, MIR, Sparco, Arai, Arrow, Monaco and many more.

KartKraft is coming to early access on 1st of November 2018! More info coming soon!